Amidst terrain covered in finely nurtured tea gardens of Rothschild Estate stands “ROTHSCHILD TEA CENTER” offering visitors a deserving respite, on the tiresome onward journey to the central hills of the Island.

Maurice de Worms of famed Rothschild family lineage originally established this Tea Garden, which was in the mid nineteenth century a Coffee plantation that was ravaged by the infamous Coffee Blight and had then been replanted with “Camellia sinensis” better known to us as “Tea”. Their choice of wide-scale cultivation of tea of Chinese origin, seem to have instilled a unique character in the liquors of Rothschild teas that has ever since been widely sought-after.

“ROTHSCHILD TEA CENTER” offer its visitors a leisurely walk within its Tea Gardens and the opportunity to savor a cup of an excellent aromatic Tea, chosen from amongst a wide range of specialty teas on sale.